Have you ever felt like there was somebody looking over your shoulder?

Have you ever felt like there was somebody looking over your shoulder?

When I was 22 years old, I first heard St. John Paul II's beautiful message on love -- man's love for woman, woman's love for man, and God's love for all of us. I was blown away. I wanted to tell the world -- a world I knew was full of people starving for love, and for the truth about what love really is.

I was right. They were starving. And very receptive. One talk turned into five, which turned into thirty, and I had to quit my job to keep up with the demand.  For nearly twenty years, speaking was my full-time gig. I spoke a lot. All over the world.  I met wonderful people, and I had amazing opportunities. Over the course of that twenty years, I spoke to many hundreds of thousands of people.

Maybe a million. I never counted.

I even spoke at not one but two events with St. John Paul II himself. (Well, not with him in the sense of sharing a stage at the same time. But speaking to the same audience at the same event.) 

After twenty years, I was grateful. And tired. Very tired.

And so, a few years ago, I decided that I needed a break.  I took a very extended sabbatical, still speaking but only occasionally, and settled into a somewhat more "normal" life in my hometown of Denver.

That was a nice break. I needed it. But I miss speaking. I miss audiences. I miss sharing this message that has such power to profoundly change lives. 

And so, I'm ready to expand beyond "occasional" talks.  

My schedule will still be limited -- I can't go back to full-time life on the road. And I will continue to speak primarily to adults, not teens. I'm older now, and my message has matured along with me. There are many wonderful young speakers out there addressing youth audiences. I'm here for the grown-ups -- the parents, the teachers, the single adults, everybody who wants to grow closer to God and to live and teach real, authentic Christian love.

Currently, my most popular talk topics include:

  • Sex, Love and the Theology of the Body
  • Finding Fulfillment in the Single Life
  • Catholic Women and the Feminine Genius
  • Teaching Real Love/Chastity for Parents and Educators

But I have a lot to say, and am happy to tailor a message for your audience.

So look over these pages, and please contact us here for more information.