My columns on Catholic Match

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I have been writing for Catholic Match…

well, for a really long time. Since some of the youngest singles currently on the site were in diapers, I would imagine. So I figured I may as well make what they have posted available to a wider audience. Since I went to all the trouble to write them and everything. Just click on the links to read the columns:

My CM Home Page. If you want to see all of it in one place.

The Single Most Important Trait in a Spouse

Dating is not the Job, It’s the Interview

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Meet In Person!!

Stop Coddling Your Friends

“Should I Date a Divorced Catholic?”

Does a Woman “Need” a Man?

He’s Just Not That Into You

Why Women Don’t Always Want Guys to “Fix It.”

What Men Have to Offer

Is Chivalry Dead? Part 1

Is Chivalry Dead? Part 2